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Online Chess School with Real Game Practice

We teach children as young as 5 years old how to play chess.

Chess is a game that seamlessly blends sport, science, and art.

Playing chess provides several benefits to children, such as:
Encouraging them to accept opinions expressed by other children while simultaneously defending their own opinion.
Developing discipline.
Fostering positive motivation towards learning.
Enhancing their speaking skills and helping them articulate their thoughts clearly.
Facilitating faster acquisition of information.
Time management skills.
For all ages:
Logical and analytical skills are improved.
Discipline is developed.
Concentration and perseverance skills are developed.
New knowledge horizons open up.
A sense of responsibility for adopted decisions is formed.
An ability to plan own time emerges.

What sets our students many steps ahead of the rest of the children?

Our coaches are professional chess players.
Thanks to experience of our coaches, we provide our students with a proper and fair chess education.
We have combined the best practices of European schools with modern teaching concepts.
We have a well-thought-out training program.
Lessons are held remotely in small groups to devote time to each student.
A convenient learning format for all students.
We regularly hold tournaments where students gain experience and indescribable emotions.
A complete gaming experience online.

Start Learning for Free

What will happen at the free lesson?

We will get acquainted

We will explain the sections, lessons, home assignments and game days
We will define the level of game
We will select a group, a convenient time and a training schedule for you

Training Programme

Chess Basics
We'll get acquainted with the world of chess and cover game rules, pieces, goals, and game techniques.
Chess Game Analysis and Review
Regular identification of own experience and the experience of other players will help in improvement. Which is why, it is important to identify weaknesses and to work on improving them.
Psychology in Chess
We will teach how to cope with pressure, anxiety, and how to stay focused on the game.
Strategy and Tactics
We will delve into tactical options, the game plan, work with elements of position evaluation, and master chess techniques.

How do we conduct our training?

1 - Online lessons:
A conference is established in the Zoom software, in order to connect the coach and the students. Afterwards, practical lessons are conducted using a specialized chess software.
2 - Home assignments:
Coaches select tasks to reinforce knowledge. Completed home assignments must be submitted for review before the next lesson so that these can be analysed during the new lesson.
3 - Gaming Experience:
At our school, we pay great attention to practical gameplay. Therefore, in addition to developing skills in the classroom, we organize gaming sessions.

Our prices

1 lesson per week
40€ per month
Price per year 480€

Upon payment in one instalment: 380 €
You save: 100 €
2 lesson per week
50€ per month
Price per year 600€

Upon payment in one instalment: 480 €
You save: 120 €
3 lesson per week
60€ per month
Price per year 720€

Upon payment in one instalment: 580 €
You save: 140 €
4 lesson per week
70€ per month
Price per year 840€

Upon payment in one instalment: 680 €
You save: 160 €
5 lesson per week
80€ per month
Price per year 960€

Upon payment in one instalment:780 €
You save: 180 €
Individual lessons
€40 - 1 lesson
10 - 300 € (save 100 €)
20 - 540 € (save 260 €)
30 - 720 € (save 480 €)

Begin Gaining Gaming Experience from the First Days

During game days, our students will be able to:
Play multiple games
Acquire gaming experience
Experience the thrill of competition
Identify areas that require improvement
Put the acquired material into practice

Free Lesson

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